What is the reason why you chose the coaching profession and what drives you?
Often, a person can be faced with questions for which the answer is unclear. You can’t stop thinking about them, they drain you mentally and they end up affecting your performance. Helping people who find themselves in this state and aiding them to get back into the game is what drives me to do what I do. It’s fantastic to be present when people realize what is truly possible both at an individual and team level.

What are your styles of coaching and the approaches you are known for?
With my motto “Keep going”, I invite people to go out of their comfort zone and learn, reflect and carry on. Going forward can only be achieved in the coaching process if there is a pleasant and trust found atmosphere. It is important for people to feel comfortable so that they act as they normally would. Everyone is different, which makes coaching such a unique experience. In support of the different end goals, I develop different activities which fit the individual’s needs. As a result, people become motivated, and gain new insights.

What is your credo/life vision?
Wubbo Ockels once said in an interview, “Optimism is a task” (meaning, you have to be willing to work on it).

This credo indicates the how important one’s thought process has on shaping our life. Consequently, it is also related to how we handle the opportunities that we are given in life.