What is the reason why you chose the coaching profession and what drives you?
In 2012 I decided to become an entrepreneur as I was faced with uncertainty regarding my job as an office manager. I areas of expertise are the fields of accounting, planning and organizing.

What are your styles of coaching and the approaches you are known for?
I like to see myself as the spider at the center of (the world wide) web. Thanks to my work experiences at small organizations I have learnt to make use of what I have. This has taught me to be proactive even when a particular action may not feel so clear. Whenever I solve problem of this nature it always gives me great sense of personal satisfaction.

What is your credo/life vision?
My credo is “harvest the day”
Enjoy every moment of life and accept the day as it presents itself. Sometimes your day may start of gloomy but the true skill lies in seeing the bright side of things and turning that day into something positive. My view on life is having a positive attitude towards it. An optimistic and positive mindset keeps you in top conditions.