My passion is the continuous development of the individual and the organization.

To grow you must be willing to scrutinize your actions. I experienced this first-hand in that I took the time to truly scrutinize my journey and re-engage in the activities that truly mattered to me. Had I not done this I would have continued the path I was following back then and would probably have never discovered where my true talents lie and what really drives me. My time as a manager at one of the greater financial institutions here in the Netherlands gave me valuable insight into my core strength of leveraging my teamwork skills. This allowed me to achieve the organizational goals that I had been presented with.

This experience led me to decide I wanted to dedicate my life to this passion: enabling organizations to bring out the best of their teams and employees.

As an organizational advisor and trainer, I focus on the talents and strengths of the individual. Employee development is the key to a successful team. The organizational culture, that is the position that the organization takes regarding talent acquisition and average time an employee stays at a given organizational level, is something I always incorporate into my advice. Important values include: freedom, responsibility for one’s actions, respect, equality among individuals and integrity.

I see the rapid changes that are occurring in the labor market as an excellent motivator for organizations to leverage their talent for efficiently and for employees to maximize this opportunity ad become the true architects of their professional career.

Pragmatic, personal, result oriented, empathic, entrepreneurial, a helicopter view approach, competency and engagement are some of the characteristics that I am known for and that I also identify with.

As I like to say, “One does not need to be ill in order to become better”.
If you have any questions or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

Jolanda van der Steen-Bussem