Why don’t figs grow on the apple-tree?
The secret lies in the seeds of the apple. This seed contains all the valuable components which will result in the growth of a tree that yields apples. Not figs, as the seed does not possess the information needed to produce these. The seed stay true to its strengths and does not try to become something it isn’t.
The conditions that the seed endures during its growth can be harsh. Not every seed arrives on fertile ground, or has the opportunity to grow in an orchard. However, although a seed may land in unfavorable conditions, it can grow and become a tree. Even the lone-standing and enduring tree is and continues to be an apple-tree. It does not become an orange tree or nut tree.

Different forces can shape the tree, some with the intention to shift its branches in another direction. But even with these actions, the tree stays loyal to the goal of the seed.

The same can be said about people, in that at their core they know what their goal is. However, this may not be as clear to the individual as it is for the apple-tree. We all face obstacles that try to hinder the achievement of our personal goals. Although it may be difficult to uncover what our true purpose is, people have something that the apple-seed does not. We can discover and learn new ways of developing ourselves that will aid us in achieving our inner goal. This is the ability of choice. It tells us to shelter before a storm and act in response to a negative event may take place. Whether this is always the right decision is debatable, but it sets us apart.

Many people are not aware of their ability to choose. They allow the environment to shape their life. As a result, these people become what their environment expects of them rather than what they should become. At La Fontaine we make you reconnect with your inner goals.