“The ease of learning and development”

A life-long learning journey is the norm these days, a strong knowledge base in a time where change is the only certainty.

But how do you ensure the following as an employer:

  • Happy, engaged and innately motivated employees as part of the business
  • Enable employees to better deploy their skills in the business
  • Be and remain sustainable in the long run

With a flexible coaching and training subscription from Coach2Grow Company.

With this service you will be able to assure growth and development for both your employees and the Organization.
Together with different experts we offer a broad scale of onsite and online coaching and trainings solutions.

The subscriptions of Coach2Grow offers the opportunity to ask coaching and development questions to our multiple experts in a flexible way. Some of these questions can be related to: career switching, vitality, stress related questions, how to deal with conflicts, work-life balance, financial questions and personal effectiveness inquiries.


  • The participants can ask their respective coaches their questions through a secure digital portal
  • These questions will be answered within 48 hours of the message being sent
  • Availability of different coaches who specialize in budget coaching, career swiching, oraganizational coaching, effectivity, vitality and mindfulness.
  • The service is available for all the employees within the organization
  • Starting price per employee is 3.50 euros.

It would be a great pleasure for us to visit your location and to explain the subscription in more detail over some coffee.
To make an appointment please fill in the question form located on the site.