Coach Ticket Strip for companies:

The coach ticket strip for companies has been specifically designed to make coaching broadly applicable and of low impact within the organization. This product gives your employees to opportunity to further their talents, thereby increasing their motivation.

The coach ticket strips are available in varieties of 10, 20 or 40 coach sessions that last 1 hour. This enables your employees to conduct coach sessions, without having to start a whole process.

  • When opting for 10 sessions, you receive an additional free session.
  • When opting for 20 sessions, you receive an additional 2 free sessions.
  • When opting for 40 sessions, you receive an additional 5 free sessions.

Coach Ticket Strip for Freelancers
For freelancers there is a special coach ticket strip for business coaching and personal leadership coaching. The completion is totally customized and will be set after a free introduction meeting
The coach sessions last 2 hours per session, where the focus will lie on the freelancer himself and the task that he must perform.
For each freelancer coach ticket strip, you pay for 10 sessions and receive an additional session for free.
For more information and rates please fill in the contact form.
Coach ticket strips are valid for 1 year.