La Fontaine also offers coaching sessions for expats that are working in a foreign country
These employees normally require more than just the right attitude and competences to fulfill the position they are in. At a certain point, cultural differences, home-sickness and detachment from the old workspace can affect the effectiveness and development of the individual. Timely coaching ensures that these employees can continue to perform in the most optimal way. This is important as they represent the company abroad, which carries extra responsibility.
Coaching Expats is an integral service that can be applied in a modular setting. Starting at the recruitment phase and continuing all the way up until that individual return back to the parent company or decides to make a career switch.
Coaching Expats is available when there are at least 5 employees located abroad.

Benefits of Expat Coaching

  • Optimally motivated and inspired employees.
  • No un-necessary delays on on-going projects abroad.
  • No reputational damage
  • Employees that continue to develop their skills. This will also carry on once they return from abroad.
  • No fixed overhead costs for a management coach or team development.
  • Significant reduction in failure costs.

Every top athlete has a coach which brings out the best of them…your star employees deserve that to!

As with all the other services that are offered by La Fontaine Training, Coaching & Consultancy, this program is also customizable.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment or to discuss an offer.