This set is a powerful tool for our coach and training guidance’s. It adds value to the guidance, is tailored to the situation and can be used when necessary.

If you want to provide something tangible to the participant along with the session, the Kik box is a perfect fit.
An empty box is given to the participant prior to the training, coaching or career switch guidance. The participant fills this box with cards on the participant has written down the most important steps that this person wants to achieve during their development.

There are a total of 70 cards that can be used. These consist of 40 insight cards, 20 tip cards and 10 empty cards, which can be filled in. The order in which these cards are used is determined by the coach.

The “Kik” box is a valuable, personal tool for every participant. They will always be able to draw inspiration, support and self-insight out of it. Experience has taught us that participants greatly appreciate this gesture.

Retail price for the product is 24.95 euros excl. shipping. Via the link “Contact” you can order the “Kik” box.


                                                Personal Development should be fun!


Insight and view cards are a nice set of cards for coaches, trainers and management.

These can be used to give conversations a visual touch. Conversations about personal leadership, career switching and other life questions. A set of 22 enjoyable images of doors and gateways, that represent the entrance to your inner world.
You can make use of these cards as tools to support your conversation. At your desired degree.
The photographs are 95% proprietary and were taken in countries such as Italy, Malta and Spain.
Retail price for the product is 29.95 euros (excl. shipping).


The cards are printed on FSC paper, have an A5 format, weigh 300 grams and are packaged in a nice-looking hinge pack container which can serve multiple purposes. You can order the product through the link: