The current time we live in requires a flexible approach to coaching. For people who don’t want to be restricted by a coach schedule, e-couching offers the perfect solution. You can follow the sessions online, whenever you want. It is a fun way to work on yourself, especially if you stress the importance of written communication over oral. You can take the time to place your thoughts on paper and the input of your coach.

Thanks to e-coaching, coaching guidance’s can be delivered in an effective and efficient way. Individual employees, entrepreneurs and managers can choose between a combination of e-coaching and one-on-one sessions. This approach allows the guiding sessions to deliver long-term results in a short period of time. Moreover, e-coaching allows people who are located abroad to also receive guidance.

We provide our services within a secure digital environment, which allows for both written and live communication with the individuals. This, (and) in combination with one-on-one conversations, allows e-coaching to be completely in tune with your needs and wishes.

Benefits of E-Coaching

  • Completely tailored to ones needs
  • Coaching sessions when you need them
  • Low investment, high return
  • Less travel-time

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