La Fontaine focuses their consultancy services on the improvement and optimization of the HR and organizational processes. This positions us at the interface of the vision, mission, strategy and personal leadership development.

We always involve a broad group of members within the organization in our consultancy guidance’s. This results in a high degree of involvement and support for the desired development.

We support the following

  • Insight into the current organizational structure and progress towards the desired cultural state.
  • An evaluation of the vision, mission and core competences within the organization.
  • Leadership questions such as lead or be led
  • Team development; going from working in a team to teamwork.
  • Career switch questions in relation to coaching and outplacement
  • Growth and development from the employees and the organization.
  • Setting up and applying performance management.

Phases of Consultancy Guidance
These guidance’s are fully tailored and consist of the following steps:

  • Assessment phase:we start by getting a view of the current state of affairs and the desired goals of the organization. In line with what we encounter, we will develop a proposal.
  • Implementation and development phase: the proposal that was created in the previous phase can contain various steps which can be undertaken. An example can be the evaluation of the vision, mission and core competences within the organization. We can also act as a sparring partner for the board, provide coaching for developing leadership styles, personal effectiveness training, coaching on the job, time management, advise on HR-Strategy and HR-performance management.
  • PDCA (Plan- Do-Check-Act) list: de attitude and behavior within an organization often requires a guided implementation. With the right approach these new processes will be fully integrated.