The future of blended learning.

In a time where the changes that we experience in both our work and personal lives are increasingly more frequent and constant development has become the new standard, blended learning has become the future.

In conjunction with our regular services, beginning June 2018 we will offer an additional service under the C2G Company package: Train 2 Grow!
The first online training, “My, Myself and I…Create your own luck” will be offered on a business as well as retail level.

You want to experience more luck and fun. Stand stronger in life. Know what drives you and what your qualities are. Gain insight into what are your particular energy-gainers and energy-drainers. You want to be able to say yes to the things that are important for you in your life!

You want to do this when it best suites you, at a time and place that you decide. You want to be able to decide if you want to go at it alone or with guidance that is personalized to your needs.

Enroll now for the online training “Me, Myself and I…”

We offer three different packages so that you can choose which one best fits your needs.

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