Team Trainings: The way to stay successful!

Over the last decade the world has been changing at an ever-increasing rate.
In order to remain successful, it is important to stay open-minded and anticipate this change. This requires a degree of flexibility within the organizational hierarchy, employees and teams. By tackling the challenge in a collective manner and shifting from a reactive to a proactive approach you will be able to make a difference as a company.
Inclusion is a great factor. We place great importance on this in our customized trainings. The different theories that we teach can be easily applied in real life practice.
Team trainings from La Fontaine are most commonly deployed in the following situations:

  • introduction and support for competence development
  • Pathways to cultural change.
  • Team support in a changing environment
  • Improvement in cooperation within a team
  • How to give and receive feedback
  • Solving conflicts within a team
  • Forming a new team
  • Determining the vision, mission and core competences within an organization/team
  • Team building